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A Scarf for Percy
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A Scarf for Percy
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A Scarf for Percy
Review by Freddie7


It's a cold winter morning on Sodor, Thomas and Percy are at the shed waiting for the firelighter, who is late firing them up, both engines are cold and cross, gusts of wind blow snowflakes around Thomas and Percy, so Percy suggests that they talk about something that is warm other than the cold, Thomas agrees and thinks how silly he and Percy will look when ther have icicles hanging from their funnels from waiting in the cold, but Percy wants to think about warm things and then thinks that a scarf will help him to warm up, this makes Thomas laugh and he thinks that seeing Percy wearing a nice warm scarf around his funnel will keep him warm.
Of course, Thomas was only teasing, but the idea had sunk into Percy's funnel, so he and Thomas continued to chatter about it till the firelighter came.


Meanwhile, the Fat Controller was sat at home having warm porridge for his breakfast, he was thinking about taking all the important visitors on a tour of his railway and had pressed his special trousers for when they arrived, he places them into his trunk and tells his wife that he shall change into them before the photographs are taken later in the day. Once he had finished his breakfast, he collected his trunk and headed straight for the station to catch his train, meanwhile, Percy was working very hard, his fire burn't nicely as he puffed through the cold and he had plenty of steam built up to keep him going, but when he passd through the yard, he could see workmen and passengers all wearing nice warm scarfs, he thought about it all the way down the line until he met Henry waiting in the station.


Percy bursts out that he wants a scarf too, this makes Henry laugh, but Percy becomes very annoyed and makes a rude comment about Henry not being a proper engine by having such a small funnel, which could hardly keep a scarf wrapped around it, this makes Henry very cross, but before he can say anything, Percy puffs away, Henry just snorts and waits until he can go and collect the special train. Later, the imporant visitors arrive on Sodor, and the time for taking the photographs has arrived, but the Fat Controller is still waiting for his trunk with his trousers inside to arrive, but the porters are still corssing the line and walking backwards with the trolley, making sure that no luggage falls off.
However, Percy enters the yard and starts to be cheeky again, his driver always shuts of steam outside the station, Percy hoped to suprise the coaches by coming up behind them as quietly as he could, he does so well that the porters don't hear or see him either, until it's too late.


Percy hits the trolley and sends boxes and bags flying everywhere, one moment, Percy is recovering from the shock, the next, a box full of jam comes crashing down all over him and the important visitors.
The sticky streams of jam treacled all over Percy's face and boiler, a top hat also hung on his lamp iron, but worst of all, a pair of trousers was wrapped lovingly like a scarf around his funnel, everyone was very cross, the Fat Controller approaches Percy and seizes the top hat, he then speaks sternly to Percy about the visitors ruined clothing and his trousers, after that, Percy puff away to the yard and feels very silly, he feels worse when James sees him covered in jam with the trousers around his funnel and then puffs away to tell Henry the news. That evening, Percy's driver takes away the trousers and gives him and good rub down, which makes him feel abit better, Thomas then tells Percy that the firelighter has promised to come in early tomorrow to start them up, which makes Percy happy, but then Henry arrives and also feels sorry for Percy after hearing about his accident, he then tells Percy that he will not need a scarf as the weather will be warmer in the morning, Percy agrees and says that engines don't need scarfs to keep them warm, they need warm boilers.

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