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World Of Clearwater - Thomas Series 3 Guide!

Percy's Promise
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Percy's Promise
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Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure
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Percy's Promise
Review by Freddie7


Every year the Island of Sodor is very busy, holiday makers love to see the sights, and when the weather is fine there is no other place to visit, some people like to visit to mountains and others like the valleys. The Children love the seaside, so one morning, Thomas puffs along the line the runs by the coast, his coaches, Annie and Clarabel were packed with happy children that were going to the beach, everyone is very happy, and soon, Thomas arives at Tidmouth Halt where Percy is waiting in the station. He was to take some trucks to the harbour, he tells Thomas that wishes that he could take the children instead of pulling trucks, So Thomas asks Percy if he can take the children home from the Vicar's Sunday School as he is busy later that evening and is unable to collect them.


Percy is delighted and promises to collect them for Thomas, later as he is puffing along, he sees Harold at the airfield, Harold warns Percy about the storm that is heading for Sodor and asks him to take care, Percy snorts and retorts that he can go anywhere safely on his own rails. He soon meets Edward on his way to the harbour, Edward too warns Percy to be careful when the bad weather arrives, Percy promises to be careful and carries on towards the harbour.
Later, the children cross the footbridge to board Percy's train, they had a lovely day out and were looking forward to getting home out of the rain, dark clouds loomed over head as Percy soon arrives, they are all glad to see him, the rain pours down over Percy, he shivers and then thinks of his nice warm shed, which he will be glad to get back to when the journey is over.


The rain poured down as Percy struggled on past coastal villages and through the open countryside, the river beside the line was rising fast as Percy puffed bravely on, Percy grumbled as he puffed along, the rain dripped off his face and made it difficult for him to see ahead, he rounded the next bend and found himself up to his cab in cold flood-waters from the rivers burst banks.
Water streamed into the cab and flooded Percy's nice warm fire, worse still, they now had to find more fire wood, so his driver and fireman haed to the guard's van and ask the guard for the use of some of his floorboards, the guard sighs as he helps to take up the floor of his gaurdsvan. They place the boards into Percy's firebox and watch as the steam begins to build back up again nicely, Percy feels abit better, but soon feels unhappy again when he sees Harold flying above him.


Percy thinks Harold has come to laugh at him, but then something drops with a thud onto Percy's boiler, his driver and fireman are delighted to find that Harold has dropped them some warm drinks for them, Percy thanks Harold and watches as he flies away back on patrol.
Soon, Percy was on his way again, the water lapped his wheels as he pushed his way along the drowned rails, he started to loose steam again but kept his wheels turning. Percy pressed on, he was abit dirty from the river water, but he made one more big effort and at last arrived at the station, Thomas was very pleased with his friend, then Harold landed with the Fat Controller, who came to see Percy, he thanks all of the men and then speaks to Percy, he tells Percy that he is a Really Useful Engine for getting the passengers home safely, despite trying to be a submarine.

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