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World Of Clearwater - Thomas Series 3 Guide!

Time for Trouble
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A Scarf for Percy
Percy's Promise
Time for Trouble
Gordon and the Famous Visitor
Donald's Duck
Thomas Gets Bumped
Thomas, Percy and the Dragon
Diesel Does it Again
Henry's Forest
The Trouble with Mud
No Joke for James
Thomas, Percy and the Post Train
Trust Thomas
Toby's Tightrope
Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party
Buzz, Buzz
All At Sea
One Good Turn
Tender Engines
Oliver Owns Up
Percy, James and the Fruitful Day
Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure
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Time for Trouble
Review by Freddie7


The island of Sodor had many visitors come and go each year, and so, the Fat Controller had scheduled for more trains to run, Gordon the big blue engine had to worker harder than ever before, pulling the big express across the island in good time, he always arrived at the stations on time, but whenever he finished one journey, it was soon time for another to start, he didn't mind that at all, he loved the chance to have a good run and stretch is wheels, but one day the Fat Controller decided that Gordon needed a rest from pulling the express, and so, James began to help out with pulling the heavy passenger trains, he loved this oppertunity very much, he was glad to show off his smart red paint and sometimes liked to try and prove he was as fast as Gordon.


One day he boasted about it to Toby at the yard, he boasted that he was always on time and never late with any of his trains, Toby just ignored him, but then the Fat Controller arrives and tells Toby he is to go to the works to be mended, Toby asks if he can take Henrietta along with him, but the Fat Controller insists that she stay in the yard as passengers will miss having their rides in her. Toby trundles sadly through the yard, he sees Percy at the water tower and promises Toby that he will look after her until he returns. Later Toby was clanking happily through the countryside, for those who don't already know, he's a little engine with a wooden body and six small wheels hidden by cow-cathers and side plates. His tank doesn't hold much water and he soon began to feel thirsty, he clanked along at a steady pace and soon saw a signal in the distance, he knew then that he was near a station and could take on water there.


They arrived at the station and hoped to take on water and rest until James had passed with the express, but as Toby was being filled with water, the signalman came up, he had never seen Toby before. But as Toby's driver tries to explain what's happening, he would not listen, and so he orders them to make way for James and take on water at the next station further up the line, this makes Toby feel very sad and he clanks sadly away, he hurried along the line, but that used up alot of water and soon, his tanks were completely empty, poor Toby was stuck on the main line and out of steam too.
Toby's fireman decides that James should be warned about what has happened, Percy soon arrives with Henrietta and so he flags him down and asks to be taken back up the line to the station, Henrietta hated leaving Toby, but Percy assured her that she was being a big help by taking Toby's fireman back up the line to warn James.


When James heard the news he was fuming and worried that he would be late, but the signalman owns up and explains that he had no idea that Toby was on his way to the works to be mended, James's driver turns to James and ells him that he will have to help push Toby to the works station, this makes James very cross and grumbled dreadfully, he now had to pull his train as well as push Toby. He puffed up the line and found Toby stuck on the line, he came up behind him and gave him a bump, he puffed and hissed and soon got Toby moving, he had to work extra hard and was feeling tired, but they soon arrived at the works station where James was glad of a rest, but he couldn't for very long, some children were on the platform and cried out about the express being late and needing two engines, one of them jokes that James had to be hauled by Toby as he could not manage alone, Toby laughs and tells James that they are only teasing, James just huffs as Toby smiles to himself.

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