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World Of Clearwater - Thomas Series 3 Guide!

Gordon and the Famous Visitor
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Gordon and the Famous Visitor
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Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure
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Gordon and the Famous Visitor
Review by Freddie7


It is an exciting day in the big yard, many people have come from far and wide, making notes and taking photographs for a special visitor had arrived and was now the centre of attention at the engine sheds, Thomas and Duck are very excited, Duck explains that the engine is a celebrity, Percy wonders what a celebrity is, so Duck explains that a celebrity is a very famous engine, the engines wonder if they might be able to talk to him, but Thomas thinks that he is probably too important to even notice them.
A few moments later, Gordon trundels into the yard and huffs to himself, he then races away, when the day is over, the engines get the chance to talk to the visitor, they soon find that he isn't conceited at all, and happily chatters to the other engines till long after the stars come out.


He leaves early the next day back to the other railway, Gordon grumbles about the visitor and is glad that he is gone, Thomas explains that he is a famous engine, Gordon huffs that he is not as fmaous as he is, Thomas explains that he set a record of a 100 miles per hour before he was even thought of, but he takes no notice and then makes rude comments about the visitors shape and appearance, saying that because he has no dome, he should not be trusted. After being rude, Gordon puffs away and thinks that he could easily go 100 miles per hour too, a little later, Duck takes some trucks to the yard at Edward's station, he meets Edward, who tells Duck that the famous visitor whistled at him as he puffed away, Duck is pleased, but then tells Edward what Gordon has said. Edward tells Duck to take no notice of him as he thinks nobody else is faster than he is, but no sooner does Edward say so, when Gordon comes thundering along the line.


Gordon's wheels pounded the rails as he rocketed past Edward and Duck, he was trying hard to go 100 miles per hour like the famous visitor, he raced through the forest as fast as he could, his driver tried to calm him down, but Gordon was determined not to be beaten, he thundered along as fas as he could, but soon, he began to feel a little strange, something was loose on the top of his boiler, he tried to slow down but it was too late for that, he soon arrived at the viaduct, the wind was blowing hard, it was a teasing ind that blew in hard puffs, Gordon thought it wanted to pus him off of the bridge, so he tried to get across as quickly as he could, but the wind had other ideas, it curled around his boiler, crept under his loose dome and lifted it off into the valleey below, the dome landed with a crash on some rocks and splashed into the stream.


Gordon was most uncomrfortable after that, the cold wind was whistling through the hole where his dome should be and he felt very silly without it, but there was worse to come, when he arrived at the big station all the trucks laughed at him, Gordon tried to weesh them away, but they gathered around him no matter what he did. Later, Gordon wanted his driver and fireman to stop on the way home to fetch his dome, but it was already long gone, so he would now have to go the works for a new dome, this made Gordon very unhappy.
He hoped that the sheds would be empty before he arrived back, but when he did arrive, they were all there waiting for him when he got back, and as he was turned on the turntable, one of the engines made cheeky comments, ending as 'Never trust domeless engines, they arn't respectable'.

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