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World Of Clearwater - Thomas Series 3 Guide!

Donald's Duck
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Donald's Duck
Review by Freddie7


Duck the Great Western Engine has always worked hard at the big station, sometimes he pulled coaches and sometimes he shunted trucks, but whatever the weather, Duck always got his work done without any fuss. One day the Fat Controller came to se Duck in the shed, he was ver impressed with all of Duck's hard work, and so, decided to give Duck a branch line of his very own, this made Duck very happy and soon he was busy taking charge of running his new line, the responsibility delighted him.
Duck's line runs along the coast near sandy beaches till it meeets the port where lots of big ships come in, Duck was enjoying exploring every new curve and corner of the new line, the sea breeze swirled his smoke high into the air as he puffed along and the sunlight made his paintwork glisten.


Duck was soon busier than ever, pulling trucks up and down the line, to and from the stations and ports and even the quarries that the line strecthed towards, soon, the Fat Controller was building a new station at the port, Duck was busy helping to shunt the trucks into the proper places where they were needed, and while, Donald and Douglas helped to build the new station, Bertie looked after all of Duck's passengers. The work took a long time, but the station was almost completed, Duck was pleased that it was going to be finished on time, he felt his responsibility deeply and even said so to Donald later that evening at the sheds, poor Donald was trying to sleep, but Duck just couldn't help himself, then Donald started to make some quacking noises, Duck was confused, until Donald explaine whwy he had been making the noises, this makes Duck cross and he goes crossly to sleep.


The next day, Duck tells his driver all about Donald saying how he quacks as if he had laid an egg, his driver and fireman laugh and soon makes plans to get back at Donald for teasing Duck, but for the rest of the day, the engines were kept very busy and nothing more was said, not even a quack.
But that night, when Donald was asleep, Duck's driver and fireman dropped something into his water tank, so the next day when Donald was being filled with water, his crew found that he had an unexpected passenger on board, a small white duckling popped out of his water tank, Donald was suprised, but they found that the duckling was tame, she shared Donald's fireman's sandwhiches and she rode happily in the tender. The other engines soon started to tease Donald about her, but she soon grew tired of travelling and hopped off at the last station, where she stayed happily with the station staff.


That evening, Donald's driver and fireman were very busy, they decided to play a trick on Duck for making Donald look silly, and in the morning when both crews arrived for work, they laughed and laughed, Duck's driver showed Duck the nest box with an egg in itthat was under his bunker, Donald opens a sleepy eye and says that he must have laid it in the night, Duck laughs and the two engines stop with the silly teasing.
Theres a pond near the duck's station, here she swims and welcomes all the trains as they pass by, the station master calls her Dilly, but to everyone else, she will always be Donald's Duck.

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By Freddie7