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World Of Clearwater - Thomas Series 3 Guide!

Thomas Gets Bumped
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Thomas Gets Bumped
Review by Freddie7


Every afternoon, Thomas puffs happily along his branch line with his two coaches, Annie and Clarabel, first, they pass the watermill, next, they come to a big farm, then they come to small station with a village nestled high beside it, this is a special place. Whenever children hear Thomas coming along, they stand on the bridge waving until he is completely out of sight, but one day, Thomas is running late, he had to stop at the station and was waiting at the signal whilst talking to some new children.
Percy is also waiting there too, when the signal changes, Percy reminds Thomas that the Fat Controller doesn't like his engines being late, and warns that he might get another engine to replace him, this makes Thomas worried, and so he tries hard to make sure he arrives on time the next day.


Next day Thomas is hurrying along the line, when he comes across a goods yard with a station porter flagging him down with his red flag. Thomas then sees some children waving from the bridge, and knows that something must be wrong for him to have to stop at the goods station, the children cry out to him from the bridge and ask if he can take them home, the station master explains to Thomas's driver that the childrens school bus had broken down and that the children's parents would start to worry of they were late. Thomas waited patiently as the children walked down from the bridge and climbed into his carriages, then, when the wait was over, he puffed away as quickly as he could towards the next station where Bertie the bus was waiting to take them all home to their parents.
But when Thomas eventually finished his journey he was very late home, he was worried that the Fat Controller might be cross with him.


But the next morning, when he arrived at Knapford Staation to collect his passengers, the Fat Controller was nowhere to be seen, this made Thomas feel abit better as he set off with his morning train. Thomas knows every part of his branch line well, but just ahead a section of rails had been damaged by the hot sun, Thomas speeds along unaware of the danger ahead, and before he knows it, he runs over the damaged section of line and derails.
His driver sighs as he tells Thomas that he won't be able to do anymore work until the line is repaired, so instead, his passengers are given to Bertie, Bertie finds Thomas crossly shunting in the yard, he feels sorry for Thomas and promises to help him out as best as he can, leaving poor Thomas to shunt sadly in the yard.


Bertie stops at every station along the line picking up and setting down Thomas's passengers, he even stops closer to their homes to let them off, poor Thomas feels sadder than ever, and thinks he has lost his passengers to Bertie, but a few days later the Fat Controller comes to see Thomas and explains about his new timetable being put into place so that he and Bertie the bus can work together more often. When Thomas arrives at the station, he finds all his passengers waiting for him, they explain that they had missed Thomas and missed having their rides with him, Thomas feels alot better and also thanks Bertie for his help, Bertie says he enjoyed making new friends and helpin out a friend in need, which makes Thomas a very happy engine.

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By Freddie7