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World Of Clearwater - Thomas Series 3 Guide!

Thomas, Percy and the Dragon
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Thomas, Percy and the Dragon
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Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure
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Thomas, Percy and the Dragon
Review by Freddie7


Thomas and Percy are goods friends, but sometimes Percy teases Thomas for being frightened, and he doesn't like that at all, so one night, Percy asks Thomas is he is dreaming about the time he thought Percy was a ghost engine. Thomas opens a sleepy eye and retorts that he was only pretending to be scared, Percy continues to be cheeky so Thomas decides to say nothing and goes happily to sleep.
The next day the Fat Controller arrives and asks Thomas to go to the harbour that evening to collect something rather unusual, Thomas wonders what it could be, but he has to wait an find out in the evening, a little later, Percy is happily shunting trucks into a siding just as Henry arrives with his goods train, the signalman changes the points to allow Henry to puff past before Percy  can go home.


But when Henry is out of sight, the signalman calls down to Percy's driver and fireman that the points are jammed and cannot be moved back, so a workman will have to fix them in the morning, Percy's driver then turns to Percy and tells him that he shall have to stay in the siding until morning, Percy asks where he is going, the driver replies he is going home for his tea.
Percy sighs and can only watch as all the other engines head home to the shed, but that night, Percy feels lonely, suddenly and owl hoots which frightens poor Percy, he wishes now that Thomas was there to keep him company. Thomas was at the harbour waiting for his mysterious load to arrive, suddenly, he sees it being lowered onto his flat trucks, the mysterious load turns out to be a dragon made of paper for the carnival, Thomas's driver explains and this makes him feel better. The workmen place lights all over the dragon and once he is ready, Thomas puffs away into the night.


Thomas puffs through the countryside with the dragon all lit up for protection, meanwhile, Percy is asleep in his siding and had no idea that Thomas was approaching him with the dragon, Thomas puffed past Percy with clouds of smoke blowing everywhere around him, Percy wakes up with a fright and sees the dragon, he quickly closes his eyes and refuses to open them again till his driver comes the next morning.
The next day, the points were mended and Percy was able to puff back to the yard, he arrives at the big station and tells Gordon all about the events of last night, Gordon thinks it's another one of Percy's silly tricks and when he hears that Percy thinks he saw a dragon, he thinks then that Percy's dome has cracked from being in the sun too long. When the other engines hear the news, they all laugh too and tease Percy, this makes Percy unhappy.


He soon starts to wonder if he really had imagined seeing the dragon, however, he soon fnds out that he hasn't when Thomas arrives with the dragon and frightens Percy again, Thomas assures Percy that there is nothing to worry about, and when he asks how Percy's night out was, Percy decides to tell Thomas the truth, Thomas smiles and the two soon agree that if they can admit to each other that they are scared sometimes, it means that they are both also very brave too.

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