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World Of Clearwater - Thomas Series 3 Guide!

Diesel Does it Again
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Diesel Does It Again
Review by Freddie7


Duck and Percy enjoy working at the big harbour, pushing and pulling trucks full of cargo to and from the quay, but one morning, the two engines are exhausted, the harbour was busier than ever, so the Fat Controller promises that another engine will be found to come and help them with their work, which makes them both feel abit better, they wait for the engine to arrive, however, they are soon shocked when the engine turns out to be Devious Diesel, who they have not worked with for a very long time since he first tried to make the engines think Duck was horrid.
Diesel tells them that he has arrived to hwlp them shutn some dreadfully tiresome trucks, Percy asks where they are to be shunted, so Diesel replies that he is to shunt them from here to there and again from there to here.


To prove his point, he bumps some trucks hard, Duck and Percy are horrified, they don't trust diesel at all and refuse to work and do not move out of their shed. The Fat Controller was enjoying his afternoon tea when he got to telephone call, ships and cargo were delayed, the passengers complained and Diesel was working loudly on his own, soon, everyone was complaning about the Fat Controller's railway, meanwhile, Percy and Duck were sulking in their shed when the Fat Controller arrived and demands to know why the engines arn't working, they explain that they won't work with Diesel, Duck even chirps in that he thought the Fat Controller had said he sent him packing for telling lies about him, but the Fat Controller explains that he had to give Diesel a second chance to help them, and so they must help the Fat Controller by working with Diesel as he was the only engine available.


So the engines agree to help, but the next morning things wer eno better, Diesels driver had not applied his brakes hard enough and he started to move, he bumped stright into the back of Percy and didn't even say he was sorry, later, he bumped a train of trucks so hard that the loads went everywhere, Percy and Duck wondered what the Fat Controller would say, Diesel then calls them both tell tale engines, they don't like that and so they say nothing.
The next day, he plays some more devious tricks and bumps some china clay wagons, he shunts them along the quay and into the buffers, but they wern't safe enough and so the loads crashed into the quay. The trucks were all sunk, the Fat Controller soon heard the news, the trucks were safely recovered, but the expensive loads of clay were lost, The Fat Controller was very annoyed with Diesel and so sent him away again, leaving Duck and Percy to hpapily manage the work alone, the two engines were delighted and puffed happily away to their shed, while Diesel sulked away.

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