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World Of Clearwater - Thomas Series 3 Guide!

Henry's Forest
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Henry's Forest
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Henry's Forest
Review by Freddie7


Henry the Green Engine has lived on the Island of Sodor for many years and wouldn't want to be anywhere else, he likes every part of it, from the fields filled with flowers to the white sandy beaches, but there is one place that Henry enjoyed visiting more than any other, the beautiful forest, Henry loved it there, it was full of broad oaks and tall pines. Henry could remember the day long ago when he and Toby brought some new trees to be planted, and Terence and Trevor pulled them into place, now, he could see them growing amongst the others on the hillside, Henry always felt better for being there, he couldn't really explain why but his Driver understood.
But one night, everything changed, a storm raged across the island, the wind blew fiercly and the rain pounded against the doors of the engine sheds. It kept all the engines awake, James commented that if Gordon wsn't there with the others, it would probably be him thundering by with the express, the engines all laugh, excpet Henry, he hopes that this bad weather won't harm the forest.


The next day, the fierce winds were gone but the damage was tremendous, Henry's driver arrived and told Henry the sad news about the forest, Donald set off with the breakdown train and Henry followed, when he arrived he was very sad, the trees lay everywhere, he wondered what would become of all the animals that lived their. When his trucks were loaded with logs, he took them to the timber yard where they would be turned in to furniture and other useful things, he was glad in a way that the wood was being put to god use, but he was still very sad to loose half of his dear forest.
Toby and Thomas felt very sorry, they wished they could do something to make things better again, but they both knew that they could not mend broken trees, Toby puffed slowly into the yard where he found the Fat Controller, he told him all about the forest being half destroyed and how sad Henry was too, the Fat Controller smiles and soon has a plan to make things right again, he sends Toby to collect some trucks to take to the forest.


When they arrived, Toby was very pleased, they were full of young trees all ready for planting, Toby thought this was the best job he ever had, he puffed happily away to the forest with the new trees. When Henry returned, he was most suprised to see Trevor and Terence clearing away the tall stumps, they were making way for all the new trees that Toby had brought, which made Henry feel very happy.
Now he can see the trees growing strong and tall once again, and the animals are also coming back, sometimes everywhere is quiet and other times Henry can hear the leaves rustling or a birds wing brushing the air, often, he can hear the sound of children laughing and often he is very happy here in his beautiful forest.

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