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World Of Clearwater - Thomas Series 3 Guide!

The Trouble with Mud
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The Trouble with Mud
Review by Freddie7


Thomas is at the yard having a washdown one morning when Gordon arrives, Thomas notices that he is covered in mud and suggests that he have a washdown, but Gordon snorts that he doesn't have to make a fuss about his appearance and puffs away, he is soon puffing through the forest, his driver tries hard to calm him down, but Gordon is still in a huff.
When he arrives at the yard, a large sign reads 'all trains must wash down daily', James had just been cleaned ready for his next train, Gordon's driver then arrives and tells Gordon that a washdown will make him feel better, but he huffs again and this time, blows mud all over poor James. His driver is very cross after that, but Gordon doesn't care and so heads off towards the big station where his express train is waiting.


When he arrives, his coaches are stood waiting for him as well as the passengers, but when the Fat Controller sees how disgraceful Gordon looks, he decides to let Henry pull the express instead and sends Gordon off to have a deep clean, Gordon steams away to the yard and is soon being cleaned, workmen rub and scrub him all over, though he complains, but after that, he is sent to pull trucks for the rest of the day. Later he meets James in the yard and bumps his trucks hard, when he returns, James is almost ready to leave with the express, Gordon warns James about the hill being slippery and needing help to get up, but James says he can manage fine alone and then huffs that Gordon thinks he knows everything, and huffs away.


James had no idea that a storm earlier that day had swept leaves all over the tracks and made the hill slippery, and even thouhg the storm had passed, the hill was still difficult to climb as the leaves were still scattered over the rails, James reached the slopes and started to huff and puff up the hill. He snorted halfway up, but no sooner had he reached the halfway point when his wheels started to slip helplessly on the wet rails, then came more toruble, his wheels were turning foreward, but the heavy coaches dragged him backwards, the whole train started to slip down the hill, his driver applied the brakes and brought him safely to a stand at the bottom. James felt embarrased, especially because Gordon was there to see everything, Gordon smiled and then buffered up behind James to help bank him up the hill.


Clouds of smoke and steam towered from the snorting engines as they huffed and puffed up the hill, and at last, they reached the top of the hill, James whistles goodbye to Gordon and Gordon whistles back before making his way back to the yard.
Later that evening, that Fat Controller coems to se his engines, Thomas asks if Gordon can go back to pulling coaches again, and the Fat Controller agrees to let him, only if Gordon understands that being clean is essential to every engine, this makes Gordon very happy and the other engines go happily to sleep, Gordon murmoures to himself that if he is either dirty of clean, he is certainly a famous machine.

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