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World Of Clearwater - Thomas Series 3 Guide!

No Joke for James
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No Joke for James
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No Joke for James
Review by Freddie7


James is a splendid mixed traffic engine, he can pull both trucks and coaches at different times, he is proud of his smart red paint and so is his driver, he says that everyone James meets says he brightens up their day. One days he boats about it to Thomas and Percy and says that he is the most useful engine on the railway, Thomas disagrees and says that the Fat Controller knows all his engines are really useful, Percy then adds that James is becoming puffed up, which makes James cross and he huffs away.
Later he is still boasting when he meets Gordon, Gordon says that James is only a goods engine after he saw him pulling trucks, James protests that he can also pull coache,s to which Gordon retorts that he doesn't as much as he does, so James pretends that the Fat Controller has made plans for him, Gordon believes him and asks what they could be, James starts to get worried, and so tells him to wai and find out.


The next day, Thomas brings shiny new coaches to the yard, James asks if they are for him, Thomas replies that they are for Gordon's express, but then, James plays a trick on Thomas and says that he is to take the coaches as the Fat Controller asked him to tlel Thomas, Thomas then asks what is to be done with the trucks, so James tells him to give them to Gordon.
So Thomas goes off to fetch the trucks for Gordon, and when James's driver returns, he couples James to the coaches and pulls happily away, Thomas returns a few minutes later with the trucks, then Gordon arrives and wonders where the express coaches are, Thomas then tells him about James and shows him the trucks he has brought for him, this makes Gordon very cross and his driver get's cross too. Meanwhile, James is enjoying himself, that is, until he sees the Fat Controller, who isn't impressed with James for causing confusion and so sends him to the shed until he is wanted.


The next day, Gordon and Henry tease James for being silly and this makes him sad, but he soon returns to work and apologises to Thomas for tricking him, Thomas accepts his apology and tells James that the trucks are pleased to see him again, after that, James is soon busier than ever pushing and pulling them around the harbours and yards, at last the days work is done and he and his driver are soon ready to go, but then  they notice a man standing on his own beside them with a breifcase
He tells them that he has a meeting with the Fat Controller and wonders if he can have a ride back with them, James's driver agrees and tells James that the gentleman is a Railway Inspector.


James is very impressed and as soon as the Railway Inspector is onboard, James puffs away as quickly and smoothly as he can, through the forest and along the main line until he finally reaches the big station where the Fat Controller is waiting for them both. He tells the Fat Controller that James had given him a splendid ride and must be proud of him, the Fat Controller is indeed very pleased with James and tells him that he is once again a Really Useful Engine.

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