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World Of Clearwater - Thomas Series 3 Guide!

Thomas, Percy and the Post Train
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Thomas, Percy and the Post Train
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Thomas, Percy and the Post Train
Review by Freddie7


At night, when all the other engines are tucked away in their sheds, you can still hear the far away call of an engines whistle and the clickety clack of train wheels turning, this is the sound of the post train. One train is pulled by Thomas and the other by Percy as the loads are to heavy for one engine to manage alone, the post is loaded into trucks at both the harbours and the engines pull their trains through the silent stations, delivering their precious loads.
On a clear night, a big shiny moon brightens their journey, but often, Thomas and Percy can't even see the stars, but whatever the weather, lamps along the track always light there way. But one night, Percy is kept waiting for Henry, he is bringing the main line train to the junction to meet him, but he is running late due to the mail boat from the mainland being delayed, so Percy and his crew now have to try their best to make up for lost time and eventually, they manage to deliver all the mail by day break.


He finished his journey safely and was feeling very tired, but no soponer had he stopped for a rest at the next station when Harold buzzed in, he makes a rude remark about the railway being slow and out of date, which makes Percy very annoyed, but he is soon glad of a rest and puffs back to his shed to sleep, Duck is there too and watches him as he puffs into the shed and falls asleep before his buffers touch the bar at the back of the shed.
Later that evening, his driver decides to start early witht he post train, they soon meet Thomas at thge station, who tells him that there has been a complaint about the mail being late the night before, Percy protests that it wasn't his fault, Thomas understands, but he explains that the man in charge of the post wouldn't listen, so they both decide to be quicker than ever before delivering the loads that evening, just then, Harold buzzes in and tells the engines the latest news about the post train, he says that it shall be scrapped and that he shall be taking the mail from now on, Thomas huffs that it's nothing but rubbish and puffs away with his nights loads.


That night, everything runs like clockwork, Thomas and Percy steamed through the stations making good time everywhere they went, along the coastal routes and rural village lines making there deliveries and picking up more mail from the harbours. Later, Thomas is at one of the stations on his route when he sees a man sitting all alone in the cold on a bench, he had missed his train home and was looking worried, Thomas's driver offers the man a ride home in Thomas, the man greatly accepts and says it would be alot better than sitting there all night.
The next afternoon, Percy arrives at the airfield and notices Harold looking unhappy, he tells Percy that he has been grounded due to the wind being too strong to take off, Percy teases him and then puffs away with his train. That evening, the Fat Controller comes to see Thomas and Percy with a letter from the mian who had missed his train, saying that he thinks they are both splendid engines and that everyone thinks the post train is the pride of the line.

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By Freddie7