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World Of Clearwater - Thomas Series 3 Guide!

Trust Thomas
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Trust Thomas
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Tender Engines
Oliver Owns Up
Percy, James and the Fruitful Day
Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure
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Trust Thomas
Review by Freddie7


Thomas the Tank Engine loves running his branchline, one morning he was very happy as he puffed along past fields of cows, he whistles good morning to them, but they are too busy eating to take much notice, later, Thomas meets Bertie at the signal, he whistles cheerfully to him, but Bertie ends up running into a hole and grumbles, Thomas puffs way to the next station where he meets Bertie again, he teases Bertie by saying he would be more reliable if he ran on rails, but Bertie huffs and says that you can't trust anything that runs on rails, especially when trucks of Tar were supposed to be delivered  two weeks ago and never turned up. Thomas becomes worried that his friendship with Bertie will turn horrible, so he decides to see if he can find out what has happened to the delayed trucks and so heads off to the yard.


Meanwhile, James is sulking in the yard, he bumps all the trucks hard and they are soon determined to pay him out, Gordon laughs and comes up with a good plan for James, he tells him to pretend to be ill, so he does, just as Thomas arrives with some other trucks, Thomas can see that both engines are looking glum, Gordon tells Thomas that James is ill, Thomas feels sorry for James and promises to help him with his work, when he leaves, Gordon and James snigger at each other as Thomas puffs away to collect stone fro the quarry.
Some of James's trucks were coupled behind Thomas, they were making plans to pay him out seeing as they could not cause trouble for James after he bumped them, but Thomas is so busy happily puffing aong that he doesn't hear them.


Thomas collects the stone from the quarry and then puffs his way back towards the junction, he puffs over bridges and past rushing streams, but danger is just ahead as the trucks push forward, Thomas's driver tried hard to stop him, but the trucks cause Thomas to smash through the buffers and plough onto a floating rail barge. Poor Thomas stands up to his axles in a muddy pond as a toad eyes him suspiciously, later, Duck arrives to take awya the unhurt trucks and then Edward arrives with the workmen who lift him onto the flatbed of the breakdown train.
Later as they head back to the yard, Thomas tells Edward all about the missing tar wagons, Edward says he has seen a truck load of tar at his station, he then assures Thomas that it shall make its way to Bertie as soon as possible. Later, James and Gordon speak to Thomas and apologise for his accident and tricking him into thinking that James was ill, at that moment, Bertie arrives and is looking much happier, he tahnks Thomas for everything he has done and knows now that he can trust an engine, especially if his name is Thomas.

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