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World Of Clearwater - Thomas Series 3 Guide!

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A Scarf for Percy
Percy's Promise
Time for Trouble
Gordon and the Famous Visitor
Donald's Duck
Thomas Gets Bumped
Thomas, Percy and the Dragon
Diesel Does it Again
Henry's Forest
The Trouble with Mud
No Joke for James
Thomas, Percy and the Post Train
Trust Thomas
Toby's Tightrope
Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party
Buzz, Buzz
All At Sea
One Good Turn
Tender Engines
Oliver Owns Up
Percy, James and the Fruitful Day
Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure
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Review by Freddie7


Mavis is a young Diesel Engine who works for the Ffarquhar Quarry Company on the Island of Sodor, shunting trucks in their sidings, she has six small wheels hiden by side plates just like Toby's, Mavis is young and full of her own ideas, she loves re-arranging things too, and began putting all of Toby's trucks into different sidings everyday, but this of course made Toby very cross, he wanted his trucks to be where he wants them, when he wanted them, but this makes Mavis cross and she flounces away.
But at last, Toby looses patience with her and tells her to take them herself as he doesn't have time to play 'Hunt the Trucks'. Mavis was pleased, taking trucks made her feel important, but at the station later that day, she meets Diesel and tells him what a fuss pot Toby has been, Diesels sences trouble and is delighted, Mavis continues to tell him that Toby says only steam engines can manage trucks, Diesel tells her to take no notice and says that anything steam engines can do, all diesels can do better, but of course, Diesels knows nothing about trucks, but poor Mavis didn't realise this.


Toby's line crosses with the main road behind that station and for a short way, follows a farm lane, frosty weather makes the muddy lane rock hard and the rails become very slippery, Toby always stops before reaching the lane, his fireman halts the traffic at the crossing and then he sets off again. By using the heavy trucks to push him along, he has no trouble with the frosty rails in the lane, it is the only safe thing to do in this kind of weather, Toby warned Mavis and told her just what to do, but she becomes very stubborn and thinks she knows what do do, but really she doesn't.
Later, the trucks are tired of being pushed about by Mavis, the make a plan to pay her out, they know the rails are slipper at the farm lane and plan to hold her back at the crossing, Mavis takes no notice of them and brings the trucks carefully to a stop at te crossing.


All traffic halts and Mavis thinks she is doing wlel, but she had accidentally stopped in the wrong place, and when she tries to start off again, she gives the silly trucks the chance they have been waiting for, they hold back on her firmly on the icy rails, she pulls hard and tries to start them off again, but she ends up going nowhere fast. Workmen sanded the rails and tried to dig away the frozen mud but it was no good, everyone was very cross and growing impatient with her, but when Toby heard the news he was very cross, her driver explains that she is only young, but Toby takes no notice and says she can manage her trucks herself, but his driver then explains that she is supposed to stay in the quarry and if the Fat Controller finds out about her predicament, she would be in alot of trouble, Toby then thinks for a moment and then decides to go off and help Mavis out of her unfortunate predicament.


An angry farmer was telling Mavis just what she could do with her train when Toby arrives, Mavis isn't pleased to see him, but Toby takes no notice, and with much puffing and wheelslip, Toby pushes Mavis and her trucks back up the lane, but it is hard work and it makes his fire burn fiercely, so his fireman drops hot cinders on the rails to melt the frozen mud, and so, Toby continues pusing and puffing until she is finally back at the top of the lane, Toby smiles and says his goodbye to her, but Mavis doesn't answer, instead, she takes the trucks back to the shed and scuttles home to the quarry as quickly as she can.

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