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World Of Clearwater - Thomas Series 3 Guide!

Toby's Tightrope
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Toby's Tightrope
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Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure
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Toby's Tightrope
Review by Freddie7


Percy arrives at the quarry one day to collect stone for his trucks, when he sees Mavis parked in a siding between the large rocks looking upset, she was still remebering the trobule she had with the trucks in the farm lane and how Toby always thought he knew best, she even complains about him to Percy, Percy tells Mavis that Toby has forgotten all about trucks more than she will ever know and that she must put the trucks where he wants them, then she will be a Really Useful Engine. Mavis liked Percy, but she still would not listen to his or Toby's advise, she wondered why she shouldn't got down Toby's line and then set to work, but the siding arrangements were awkward, so to put the trucks where Toby wanted them, Mavis had to make several journeys, she bustled about pushing and pulling trucks into place, and then started to make a plan.


She tells her driver that if they used the teeniest bit of Toby's line, it would save them so much bother and he agrees, but doesn't suspect anything, so he allows her to go as far as the first level crossing with the trucks, but a few days later, the weather changed and as the snow melted, the quarry grew busy once again, some trains were so long that Mavis had to go beyond the level crossing, it was here that she soon out her plan in to action, she would go even further down the line without it seeming her fault.
She asks the trucks if they can keep a secret for her, they all agree and she soon asks them to bump her at the level crossing and to tell nobody else that she asked them, the silly trucks were delighted, but while she was out of sight, Toby arrived and decided to shunt the trucks himself.


The silly trucks decided to bump Toby instead, they reached the level crossing and Toby's brakes came on, this was the chance the trucks had been waiting for, they surged forward on Toby's buffers and poor Toby jumped forward with the silly trucks rattling behind him down the line, but they couldn't have known the the melting snow had turned the streams into a torrent and that the bridge was about to collapse, a log floating down the steam hit the supports and left the rails sagging above the water like a tight rope.
Toby came round the bend and was heading towards the bridge, he tried hard to stop, but the trucks kept pushing him along, his driver applied the brakes, but Toby ended up stopping with his wheels treading the tight rope over the abyss.


Poor Toby was stuck over the raging river, Mavis came hurtling down the line and was horrified when she saw poor Toby she felt very bad, the workmen anchored Toby with chains whilst Mavis pulled the unhurt trucks away, then she came back and took up the strain to help Toby back to safety, when the rescue was over, she apologised for Toby's accident with the trucks, Toby smiles and tells her that his driver knows of people who walk tight ropes, but he didn't really fancy trying it hismelf.
Later, the Fat Controller arrives to see Mavis, he thanks her for rescuing Toby, Mavis owns up to the trucks pushing Toby and asks if she could come down the line sometime as Toby will show her what to do, the Fat Controller agrees and has words with her manager, who also agress, and soon, the arrangements are made. Now Mavis is a really happy engine, and the Fat Controller thinks that she is really useful indeed.

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