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World Of Clearwater - Thomas Series 3 Guide!

Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party
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Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party
Review by Freddie7


Trevor the Traction Engine is old fashioned but he doesn't care, he knows that he is Really Useful like his friend Edward the Blue Engine. Early one monring, Trevor was chuffing about the vicarage orchard, he had some important news for Edward, he told him that the Vicar was planning a special party for all the children who could not have holidays by the sea to help raise money to take them on a special trip, Edward thinks it's a grand idea, he also explains that the Vicar is putting up posters all about it. Edward wishes he could help, but he says he woulnd't be any help without his rails, and soon wishes he could help more than ever, his driver laughs and says that he can be just as helpful on his own rails.
But the next day, it's Trevor who is looking sad and explains that the Vicar has been so busy that he forgot to put up the posters, so now, nobody will know about the party, but Edward has a clever idea and explains it to his driver.


He tells his driver that if the Vicar pastes his posters on Edward's cab and coaches, he will be able to tell people about the party wherever he goes, his driver thinks it's a wonderful idea and the Fat Controller also agrees too. Later, Edward puffs all over the island collecting his passengers, and when they see the colourful posters pasted on his cab and coaches, they are very excited and all soon plan to go to the party to help fund the trip for the children.
Later, Trevor was resting in the orchard shed when Bertie rolled by, he asks why Trevor is dozing in the shed like an old stick in the mud, Trevor tells him all about the Vicar's party, Bertie then says that nobody will want to ride on an old traction engine like him after travelling on a smart red bus like him and he rolles away.


The party day soon arrives quicker than everyone thought, it had rained heavily in the night and the orchard ground was soggy, Trevor didn't mind, he was looking forward to taking children and people for splendid rides around the orchard, his driver agreed to stick to the quiet country lanes so that he didn't get caught in the boggy grounds, he then set off happily for the orcahrd ground and was soon happily taking many children and visitors up and down the country lane, he was just turning a corner when Bertie rolled up, he was filled with more happy passengers and children.
Bertie rolled off towards the orchard ground entrance while Trevor went to turn around before heading back towards the orchard grounds, but when he returned, he found Bertie up to his wheels in mud, Terence arrives and makes a joke about him being the only one who ploughs the fields, but he soon pulls Bertie out from the mud, Bertie soon stops teasing Trevor and the party continues.


That evening, the Vicar arrived to see Edward and his driver and thanks them for their help with telling everyone about the successful party, they managed to raise the money for the children's seaside trip to take place, which makes Edward and the Vicard very happy.
And Trevor fell happily asleep, thinking of all the children who would finally get to the seaside at last.

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By Freddie7