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World Of Clearwater - Thomas Series 3 Guide!

Buzz, Buzz
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Buzz, Buzz
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Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure
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Buzz, Buzz
Review by Freddie7


Trevor the Traction Engine was enjoying his work in the vicarage orchard, birds were sigining and the apples were becoming ripe on the trees, it was a lovely day, Trevor pulled up to the fence when James arrived, he told Trevor the he was looking as cheerful as his bright red paint, Trevor smiled as a funny buzzing noise came from beside him, James asks what it is, Trevor replies that it's the bees making honey in their small white boxey things that the vicar calls bee-hives. Trevor explains that he is to take them to the station, the vicar has said that he will be giving a few of them to his dear friends, just at that moment, Boco the diesel arrives and warns them both not to make the bees angry as they might sting them.
James didn't like being told what to do by a diesel and buzzed away, leaving Trevor and Boco to say goodbye to each other cheerfully.


Boco then trundles away to meet Duck at the next station, meanwhile, Bill and Ben the twins are busy shunting trucks about in the harbour yard when Boco purred in, when they saw him they puffed quickly away, Boco laughs  and explains to Duck about how he first met them, he says they almost made his eyes pop out, but Edward soon put a stop to their nosence, Duck agrees and says that Edward is the only one who can keep the twins in order, he somtimes calls them the bees, Boco agrees that it's a good name for them both as they are terrors when they start buzzing around.
Then James arrives and is still being rude calling Boco a buzz-box diesel, this makes Duck cross but James takes no notice, he says that if hundreds of bees were swarming around, he would just blow smoke and make them all buzz off, then, Duck cheekily retorts, 'buzz, buzz, buzz.'


The next morning, James arrives happily at the station to collect his express, the passengers were excited and keen to get onboard, the platform was very crowded, and the porter found it hard to push his baggage trolley towards the waiting coaches, it was loaded with one of the vicars hives, he calls to the passengers to mind themselves, but he is in too much of a hurry and ends up making the bee-hive fall off the trolley and break open on the platform, all the passengers leave the station and the whole platform is soon lcear like magic, but James then hears a familiar buzzing, as the bees fly out of their hive, they are too cold to be cross, so they buzz around the fireman, hoping that he would mend their hive, but he doesnt understand, nor does the driver, so the bees turn to James instead, his boiler is nice and warm, James hisses and hopes they will all buzz off, but one of the bees burns his foot, he thinks James burnt him on purpose and flies high into the sky, James looks around for him, as the bee darts towards James face, then, stings him right on his nose.


James had had enough, so had his driver and fireman, they puffed away from the station, but didn't realise until it was too late that they had left all the coaches behind, they tried everything to get the bees off, they spun James on the turntable to no avail, then they tried to wash them off, but the bees slung harder to James's warm boiler, and finally, they tried smoking them off by going through a long tunnel, but still the bees wouldn't go away, so at last his driver and fireman give up and decide to go back to the orchard to fetch another hive, but James's reply is drowned out by the sound of loud buzzing.
Later, the Vicar is waiting anxiously for them, when James arrives, the bees all scatter towards their new hives and leave James feeling very relieved, his driver then decides to give him a long hose down before going to the shed. But that evening, the vicar comes to see him, he thanks James for rescuing his bees, and then says it;s a shame that it's not the christmas season as they could call him 'James the Red-Nosed Engine', everybody laughs, including Jamess, so instead they decide to call him the bees knees, which means that he is now more useful than ever.

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