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World Of Clearwater - Thomas Series 3 Guide!

All At Sea
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All At Sea
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All At Sea
Review by Freddie7


Percy and Duck enjoy working at the big harbour by the sea, on a clear summers night, there is no better place to be, the big sjhips and liners bring passengers, cargo ships carry machinery and other important things. Duck and Percy puff backwards and forwards with the crates of cargo as they are loaded and unloaded by the quayside, but one morning, Duck and Percy were happily sat by the edge of the quay looking at the many colourful sails flapping about in the wind on the horizon.
Duck sighs and wished he too could sail away to the far away lands beyond Sodor, Percy thinks it's a silly idea as engines cannot float, but Duck still had his dreams as he watched the boats on the sparkling blue waters of the sea. Just then, Harold arrived and landed close to the engines, Duck explains that he is looking at the boats, Harold tells him that it's the regatta, it's full of lots of races, lots of fun and adventures, and he hovers around in case he is needed in an emergency.


Duck asks Harold if he ever goes to the horizon, he replies that indeed he does and beyond, Percy never knew there was a beyond and whispers it to himself, Duck then asks if Harold goes to any other places out at sea, Harold replies that he does and that he can land on ships any day and time, then, he happily flies away. Duck sighs again, and then continues to talk about the regatta for the rest of the day, until at last, Percy looses his patience and finally says that he preferes being on his firm rails as they can take them to all the nicest place anybody could ever hope to see.
Then, a loud siren goes off, Duck's driver explains that it is an emergency, he then goes off to check with the harbour master, and returns a few minutes later with bad news, a man taking part in the regatta has hurt his hand and is to be taken to the hospital, they then puff away to meet Harold who is bringing him to them now so that they can take him to Bertie.


When he arrives, the man is helped carefully over towards Duck and climbs into his cab, Harold explains that he is to stay at sea incase of any other emergencies, otherwise, he explains that he would have taken the man to the hospital himself, and then he flies away to check on the other participants of the regatta. Duck then set off on his journey, he was soon steaming well and his heels were thundering along the rails, he puffed over bridges and throught unnels until he came to the level crossing just as Bertie arrived.
The man thanked everyone and climbed onboard Bertie, Bertie then tells Duck how splendid he looked flying along the line and that it's no wonder why everyone calls him great western, this makes Duck very happy and he soon admits that Percy was indeed right about his rails being useful.


That night, Duck and Percy both stayed a little longer at the quay, the air was warm and fresh and the sea calm, it looked so peaceful, hen duck sees a shooting star, but Percy laughs and says that it's only Harold hovering over head, then, he drops something down towards Duck, his driver catches it and shows it to Duck, it turns out to be a flag from the regatta, Harold has given it to Duck as a present, Duck thinks it is very kind of him, and though he may have whirly arms instead of wheels and rails, he seems to understand just what an engine needs.
Duck still wonders about the far away lands beyond the horizon, but he enjoys being with his friends most of all and we all think he knows that sometimes the best travels are those that he can dream about, don't you.

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By Freddie7