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World Of Clearwater - Thomas Series 3 Guide!

One Good Turn
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One Good Turn
Review by Freddie7


Bill and Ben are the most mischievous engines working on the Fat Controller's railway, they are always kept busy pushing and pulling trucks up and down the line that runs from the china clay works to the harbour yard. They both like to have fun together, and often play tricks on the workmen, but sometimes their teasing ways can get them both into trouble, but one morning, the Fat Controller came to see them both at the quarry.
He tells Bill and Ben that some important goods have arrived in the big yard and that he needs both engines to help the other engines, they are both delighted and set off down the line towards the big yard. Boco the diesel was resting in the yard when he heard the familiar whistles, the twins soon arrive and start to tease him, Boco chuckles and is glad that they have arrived to help arrnage the trucks.


The twins were soon hard at work pushing and pulling the heavy trucks into place, they bustled about all day putting the trucks here and there, until at last, the days work was done, the twins were now excited, they were going to use the turntable for the first time ever. Bill went first and thought it was great fun, but it didn't last long, the foreman soon stopped the turntable and ordered him to make way for the other engines, so Bill did so, but the foreman had accidentally stopped the turntable in the wrong place, Bill was on the wrong track and there was Ben heading straight towards him, they applied their brakes but came buffer to buffer with one another and gazed grimly at each other.
Bill grumbles he was on the track first, but Ben protests that he is in the way and will have to back up, Bill refuses and they both soon quarrel with each other, that is, until the Fat Controller arrives and speaks sternly to them both about their behaviour.


The next day Ben is still grumbling about Bill, Boco sighs and thinks they are both to blame for the incident, Ben scoffs and so both twins start to complaina bout each other for the rest of the day. Even Edward losses patience and thinks that all this grumbling spreads nothing but bad atmopshere in the yard, Boco agress and comes up with a brilliant plan to make the twins stop on an each other.
The Fat Controller also agress and the very next day he calls Bill and Ben to the yard, he explains that Boco is to take a special train to the harbour, so Bill and Ben are to take his regular goods train together, Bill and Ben preotest and are still not speaking to each other, the Fat Controller smiles and leaves them to it. Ben huffs and says he will pull the train himself, Bill snorts and tells him to go right ahead, so they couple him up and he tries to pull away, but the heavy trucks just hold him back.


Bill teases Ben as his wheels continue to spin helplessly,  but at last both twins laugh and decide instead to not take turns, but pull the train together, Ben is soon delighted and they pull the heavy train carefully towards the harbour, it was good to be helping each other again.
But best of all, it was good to be friends again.

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By Freddie7