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World Of Clearwater - Thomas Series 3 Guide!

Tender Engines
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Tender Engines
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Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure
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Tender Engines
Review by Freddie7


One morning, Gordon was in the yard taking on a large supply of coal, big engines need alot of coal to keep them running on time, but James thinks that Gordon is being greedy as this is his third load of the day, but Gordon snorts and says that important engines need plenty of coal, but he wouldn't understand, this makes James cross and he goes about his work crossly. Later, Gordon was taking on water from a standpipe in the yard because the water-tower was out of order, Duck arrives and teases Gordon, saying that the water will give him boiler-ache, Gordon grumbles about the engines educating him, he then tells Duck that big engines have big needs and little engines like him, Thomas and Percy and just annoying, Duck chuckles away leaving Gordon to sulk even more.
A little later, he steams into the big yard at the harbour and notices two shiny tenders sticking out of the station.


Gordon thought that if he had two tenders, he wouldn't have to stop so often and he wouldn't have to listen to those silly little engines, Gordon's driver then explains that the tenders belong to a visitor. Just then, Diesel sidles up alongside and tells Gordon that everyone knows that tenders are a mark of exstinction and that no amount of tenders will save him in the end, this made Gordon very upset, and the next day he is feeling sadder than ever.
Duck says it's boiler ache from that bad water, Gordon preotests, but before he can say, Henry then teases him too and also says that his boiler must be full of sludge and so to have a good wash out, then he might feel a different engine, Gordon snorts and tells him not to be so vulgar, he then ouffs sadly into the station wher ehe finds that Fat Controller waiting, he asks Gordon why he looks so glum, Gordon explains that Diesel has said that Diesels are taking over, the Fat Cotroller laughs and says that would never happen on his railway.


Gordon then asks why the visitor has two tenders, the Fat Controller explains that he has two tenders because he lives on a railway with long distances between coaling depots, this makes Gordon feel much happier and he puffs cheerfuly away, but soon it's Henry's turn to complain and he bangs some trucks angrily in the yard, Donald and Duck watch him.
Henry says he always works hard enough for two, so he should deserve another tender, Duck then makes a plan to trick Henry, he thens innocently asks Henry if he'd like his tenders, Henry snorts and asks what Duck has got to do with tenders, Duck then turns to Donald and asks if he would like them instead, Donald says he wouldn't deprive him of the honur, Duck agrees that it is indeed a big honur, but he is only a tank engine, he then decides to ask James, but Henry quickly apologises and asks how many tenders he has and when he could possibly have them. Duck says he has six and that he cna have them that evening, Henry is delighted and wonders what a splendid sight he will be.


Henry was excited all day, and couldn't wait to collect his tenders, he asked if it would be alright for the umpteenth time, Duck says it is, and that they are all ready for him now. That evening, the other engines all waited where they could get a good view of Henry and his tenders, but Henry wasn't a splendid sight at all, his six tenders were very old, dirty and full of boiler sludge, then a voice called 'have a good washout Henry, that's right, you'll feel a different engine now', Henry wasn't sure, but he thought that the voice belonged to Gordon.

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