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World Of Clearwater - Thomas Series 3 Guide!

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A Scarf for Percy
Percy's Promise
Time for Trouble
Gordon and the Famous Visitor
Donald's Duck
Thomas Gets Bumped
Thomas, Percy and the Dragon
Diesel Does it Again
Henry's Forest
The Trouble with Mud
No Joke for James
Thomas, Percy and the Post Train
Trust Thomas
Toby's Tightrope
Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party
Buzz, Buzz
All At Sea
One Good Turn
Tender Engines
Oliver Owns Up
Percy, James and the Fruitful Day
Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure
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Review by Freddie7


One morning Edward was talking to his friend Trevor when Douglas steamed by, he was pulling a train of heavy coal trucks and called out to Edward to stop gossiping in the sun when there is work to be done, this made Edward cross, and soon, he spoke to Douglas, he says that both he and Trevor have alot in common, Douglas wonders what it could be, Edward replies in a quiet tone of voice 'Scrap', Douglas shivers and pleads Edward to not use that word as it makes his whels wobble. Edward smiles and says that it also does the same to Trevor, he was to be sent for scrap but the vicar and he saved them, and now he is really useful engine, but Edward then explains that they do really need another engine to help with the work in the yard, Douglas agrees. That evening, Douglas was still working, he had taken the midnight goods train to the station on a far away part of the island where only the diesels work.


He was shunting backwards ready for his return journey when he heard a strange noise, it sounded like a steam engine, there was a hiss which made Douglas abit nervous, he whispers out quietly, and then get's a reply from an engine called Oliver who is with his brakevan Toad. Oliver explains that he has run out of coal and has no more steam, Douglas wonders wht he is doing, Oliver says he is escaping, Douglas then asks what he is escaping from, to which Oliver replies 'Scrap', which makes Douglas shiver, but then, he suddenly remembers Edward's story about saving Trevor, and so soon put's a rescue plan into action.
The drivers and fireman all help to, and set to work making both Oliver and Toad look as though they are both ready for the scrap heap.


Everything is soon ready, but Douglas ha sno time to turna round, so instead, he runs back tender first with Oliver and Toad coupled behind and pulls them down the line, they are almost out of the yard, but before they clear the station they are then stopped by a foreman who immidiately sees they are trying to take Oliver and Toad away, but Douglas's crew explain that they are taking him for scrap, so the foreman looks all over Oliver, and soon gives them the clear.
Douglas and Oliver then hurry away as quickly as they can, they are both soon glad when they arrive back on the Island of Sodor, Douglas pulls them to the yard and says his goodbye's, Oliver says his goodbye too and thanks Douglas for rescuing him.


The next day, Douglas tells the other engines all about Oliver being sent for scrap and how Douglas had managed to rescue him, James says that the Fat Controller will have to know about him, Gordon also adds that Douglas should tell him at once.
The Fat Controller soon arrives in the yard, the engines then tell the Fat Controller that they need another engine in the yard to help them out, but the Fat Controller then says unless one has been found there is little hope, but the Douglas bursts out that one engine has been found. The Fat Controller is very happy and says that thanks to Douglas, Oliver is just what he needs to help run Duck's branch line, this makes all the engines very happy, and quite soon, Oliver and Toad are both mended and painted in full Great Western colours, they are both proud to run their new line, all the other engines laughed at first and called it the little estern, Duck and Oliver were delighted, and so the little western it will always be.

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