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World Of Clearwater - Thomas Series 3 Guide!

Oliver Owns Up
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Oliver Owns Up
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Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure
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Oliver Owns Up
Review by Freddie7


On a clear day when the sky is blue and there is just enough breeze to blow the clouds away, you can stand on the big hill above the valley and watch Duck and Oliver far below, busily at work on Duck's branch line by the sea. The two engines are very proud of their matching coats of gleaming colour, Oliver, often talked about the time Douglas had saved him from scrap and that had he not been there, he would have surely been caught when he tried to run away from the smelters yard.
That evening, the other engines all wanted to know about Oliver's adventures, James and Gordon say that he has 'Resoruce and Sagacity', Percy doesn't know what that means, so Thomas says that he thinks it's about Oliver being clever and wise, to which Gordon adds that Oliver is an example to them all, which soon makes Oliver become very puffed up in his smoke-box.


The next day, Oliver is enjoying himself, but all the same is still puffed up, the Fat Controller soon comes to see him and says that he is doing a very good job, and now, has to learn how to look after trucks, but every wise engine knows of course that you cannot trust trucks, they all tried hard to warn Oliver, but he took no notice of them, and quite soon, began to get cross with them.
Oliver soon thinks that the other engines think he cannot manage, and gets all upset, Duck tries hard to explain how troublesome trucks can be towards an engine who isn't used to them, but Donald interrupts and says that he has to find out for himself. So later, Oliver took some loaded trucks to a siding and pushed all the empty trucks to the coal chute, later, he returns to take the loaded trucks away, but they are comfortable and do not want to be moved.


The trucks all start to complain, which makes Oliver very cross, so he bumps them hard, the trucks all hiss to one another and soon make plans to pay Oliver out, but Oliver hears nothing. The trucks moved smoothly at first but then suddenly, Oliver felt them all push forward, his driver applied the brakes but they were useless against the surging trucks, Oliver fought hard but they continued to push him along the track, he soon entered the yard where Duck was being turned around on the turntable. At last, the silly trucks were getting tired, Oliver thought he as winning the battle, but before he knew it, his trailing wheels left the rack and he fell bunker first into the turntable well.
Duck was there to see everything and asked Oliver if he was being a good gracious engine, poor Oliver just stood dazed and suprised and said nothing, but that night, the cranes arrived to lift Oliver to safety.


The Fat Controller arrives to see Oliver and tells Oliver that he now knows how troublesome trucks can be to an engine who is inexperienced with them, Oliver feels silly and says he looks like a load of scrap iron hanging from the cranes, the Fat Controller laughs and sends Oliver to the works to be mended.
Duck and the other engines all felt sorry for Oliver and hoped he would come back soon, a few days later Oliver arrives back feeling much bertter, his coat is now shinier than ever before and he is also much wiser, and so, never made a mistake about trucks again.

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