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World Of Clearwater - Thomas Series 3 Guide!

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A Scarf for Percy
Percy's Promise
Time for Trouble
Gordon and the Famous Visitor
Donald's Duck
Thomas Gets Bumped
Thomas, Percy and the Dragon
Diesel Does it Again
Henry's Forest
The Trouble with Mud
No Joke for James
Thomas, Percy and the Post Train
Trust Thomas
Toby's Tightrope
Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party
Buzz, Buzz
All At Sea
One Good Turn
Tender Engines
Oliver Owns Up
Percy, James and the Fruitful Day
Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure
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Review by Freddie7


One day at the quarry, Bill and Ben the tank engine twins were busy pushing and pulling the trucks into their proper places, the twins are cheeky and love playing tricks, but they were growing restless as the days went by, the were getting bored of nothing going on, and soon found out that what they need is a surprise, but they didn't know what sort of suprise they would need, and before Ben could answer the quarry foreman arrived with news from the Fat Controller, both engines are to go to the harbour.
Bill wonders what they have done wrong, Ben says that it must be him, but when they arrive, they find that they arn't in trouble at all, the Fat Controller then tells them both that Edward is taking the children to a trip to the seaside, so Bill and Ben are to look after trucks there.


The twins are pleased and set off, they soon found Gordon, who spoke severly to them about being on the main, but they make cheeky remarks, saying that when they saw Gordon, they thought that the harbour was actually the scrap yard, this makes Gordon very cross and he huffs to the twins to make sure that they have his coaches ready for his evening train and he puffs crossly away.
The twins are soon busy at work, shunting the trucks around the harbour, they think they know all about trucks, but they really didn't, the trucks soon makes plans and play tricks on the twins, they pretend to show the twins around, but all it does is make things worse, and soon, all the trucks are in the wrong places, the twins had let the silly trucks tlel them where to put things and now everything was in confusion, not only that, but Gordon's train was late, and by the time the twins had sorted things, Gordon was very late with his passengers.


The next day, the twins were back at work at the quarry, but all of a sudden, there is a strange noise, Bill and Ben wonder what it could be, until Bill's driver explains that the noise is a rockslide, the alarm soon sounds and everyone is evacuating the quarry, the workers scramble into all the empty trucks as the rocks begin to fall all over the quarry, they were just leaving when the foreman cried out for help, he was amost left behind, Ben waited as the man climbed quickly into the truck, they pulled away as quickly as they could as the rocks grew larger and began to destroy the quarry.
When the rockslide is over, the quarry is in a terrible state, the twins are both very worried what the Fat Controller will say, but when he arrives, he praises the twins for their quick thinking and so they are given three cheers for rescuing the workers from a nasty situation.

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By Freddie7