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World Of Clearwater - Thomas Series 3 Guide!

Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure
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Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure
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Thomas and Percy's
Christmas Adventure
Review by Freddie7


If someday you should see Thomas the tank engine puffing along the line, he may be on his way to a small village nestled deep in the heart of the Island of Sodor, one December morning, Thomas whistled to all his friends, he promised to bring them lots of letters and parcels and he then puffed cheerfuly away, but a few days later, the storms came, it covered the island with thick blankets of snow and made the work difficult for the engines, some of them had to help clear snow from the tracks and workmen hacked away at the frozen banks of ice.
Thomas and Percy were collecting important Christmas post, Thomas was excited as he was to take his load to the village, but Percy ws supset and thought it was unfair that he would not have any mail to take, but his chance soon comes when Thomas is needed at the big station, so now, Thomas is the one who is upset.


Thomas is sad that he won't be able to say happy christmas to all his friends in the village, but Percy promises to do it for him, and soon puffs happily away with his trucks, soon he is puffing along the line when his driver notices a man holding a red lamp, he explains that the village has been cut off by snow, he says that they need alort of help to rescue the villagers, so Percy parks his trucks on the siding and heads towards Harold's airfield.
Percy tells Harold that the mountain villagers need his help, so Harold quickly takes to the sky and heads off towards the village, next, Percy sees Thomas and Terence, he soon follows them up to the village where they find Harold busily dropping good for the villagers and animals, then Terence began to push the snow aside, he loved doing this job most of all, and soon the work was done. The villagers thanked Thomas and Percy and said that they were both the best santa clauses they had ever had.


Percy wonders what a Santa Clause is, so Thomas explains that Santa Clause drops presents down chimney's at christmas time, Percy looks up at his funnel and wonders if he will get presents dropped into his funnel, Thomas laughs and then reminds Percy about his mail train, so Percy heads back down the line to fetch it, while he is gone, Toby soon arrives with Henrietta, he has brought lots of food and drink for the villagers, who are soon very greatful to the engines.
So that evening, when everyone is back at the sheds, Toby stays behind to help the villagers, they wanted to thank the engines and decide to give them a special surprise, so Toby waits as the villagers load paint pots and presents into Henrietta. Soon, they set off through the moonlit countryside, all the engines were fast asleep in their shed as Toby ran silently by into the yard. He had no idea what the villagers were planning to do, but he knbew it was going to be a big surprise.
When the engines awoke the next morning they could not belive what they were seeing, the sheds had been repainted and decorated, parcels lay everywhere, the engines all whistled in delight and everyone agreed that it was really a happy christmas.

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By Freddie7