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World Of Clearwater - Thomas Series 3 Guide!

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A Scarf for Percy
Percy's Promise
Time for Trouble
Gordon and the Famous Visitor
Donald's Duck
Thomas Gets Bumped
Thomas, Percy and the Dragon
Diesel Does it Again
Henry's Forest
The Trouble with Mud
No Joke for James
Thomas, Percy and the Post Train
Trust Thomas
Toby's Tightrope
Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party
Buzz, Buzz
All At Sea
One Good Turn
Tender Engines
Oliver Owns Up
Percy, James and the Fruitful Day
Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure
Series Three Credits


Welcome to the World Of Clearwater -
Thomas Series Three Episode Guide
Series Three was made in 1991, five years after the successful Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends Series Two was produced and televised, it was here that Robert Cardona stepped down as co-producer of Thomas The Tank Engine and went on between the years 1987 and 1989 to create, along with director David Mitton, a series called TUGS, which was filmed in the same format as Thomas The Tank Engine, but sadly only lasted for one series comprising of thriteen action-packed episodes. It was here also that Ringo Starr finished his career with the show and went back to making music albums as well as putting a new band together.
The show had a new narrator, Michael Angelis. He followed in the shoes of Ringo Starr and produced some of the best ever voice-overs for Thomas and his Friends, but sadly, this series went down hill badly and started to drift away from the original stories written by Wilbert and Christopher Awdry, though Britt Allcroft did use material written by the Awdry's, they started to add their own stories to suit themselves, which made Wilbert and the Awdry Family very unhappy, some of the stories like Tender Engines, drifted away from the original and characters like Flying Scotsman, Diesel 199 and 7101, who had originally been in the Railway Series stories and debuted in the episodes, never saw the light of day on the television screens!
But nevertheless, things did get a little better when Series Four was produced in 1994, three years later!

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